Granulator and shredder knives

Granulator and shredder knives

Our program:
Blades /Knives-not only for our Zerma machines but Weima,Herbold,Rapid, Lindner etc.

Screens: standard and special high resistant material screens, for all types of granulators and shredders

Pulveriser discs&segments: -for all types of pulveriser model as well as re-sharpening of those.

Rotors: for granulators and shredders, new rotors&repairing of rotors.Even a crushed rotor ,due to our quick and uncomplicated support,your production will be back running with the shortest downtime.

Upgrade,refurbishment complete machines-our qualified engineers and technicians have a waste experience with a variety of size reduction equipments&machine construction in general.

We provide professional and thorough repair of your machine; if needed we offer maintenance services for your systems at your facility.

About our company

Our company is a German supplier for  recycling and size reduction  equipment, replacement parts and other ancillaries for recycling equipment  based on over 20 years of experience in this industry.

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+49 6226 9922454

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